Program Overview

The Community Renewable Energy Program was made possible by state legislation in 2019 (House Bill 411) that allows eligible local governments to procure net-100% renewable electricity by 2030 on behalf of their residents and businesses. 


In all, 23 Utah communities became eligible to participate in this innovative public-private partnership with our state’s largest investor-owned utility (Rocky Mountain Power) by passing a qualifying resolution by December 2019. 


The Utah 100 Communities effort was launched in January 2020 to convene all the eligible local governments and begin completing the next required steps in the process. Chief among those next steps is the completion of a Governance Agreement that specifies how participating communities will make decisions and share implementation costs. 


The governance subgroup of the Utah 100 Communities has been meeting bimonthly since February 2020 to discuss elements of the required agreement and to identify a consensus-based path forward. 

Community Renewable Energy Agency

Board Presentations


Program Documents


Utah State Law and Administrative Rules

The Community Renewable Energy Program is governed by Utah state law and administrative rules.


Community Renewable Energy Program Resource Guide

This resource guide provides an overview of the Community Renewable Energy Program (C-REP), including key terms, program process, pre- and post-implementation voting structures, program costs, and cost sharing.


Utah 100 Communities All-Communities Meetings

The Utah 100 Communities Governance Subgroup hosted two meetings on February 17, 2021 (see YouTube recording here). One session included representatives from 23 eligible Utah local governments, while the second session included participation from a broad public audience. Members of the Utah 100 Governance subgroup presented elements of the proposed agreement, provided background on the anticipated budget impacts, and reviewed the timeline for next steps. See below for slide decks from each meeting, the draft interlocal agreement, and budget guidance.

Note that this timeline is subject to change and will be updated as appropriate.
April 2019
Utah Legislature passes HB 411, enabling the Community Renewable Program (CRP).
December 2019
Utah Public Service Commission adopts administrative rules to enable CRP.
23 Utah communities adopt 100% by 2030 renewable energy resolutions.
February 2021
Action: Distribute Governance Agreement (GA) for signature to committed communities.
July 2021
Decision: Does eligible local government sign GA and pay Phase 1 cost? Allows voting on utility program design.
May 2022
Last Chance Decision
Does eligible local government sign GA and pay Phase 1 cost? No more changes to utility program design.
Decision: Does participating local government sign the Utility Agreement (UA)?
Action: Submit joint program application to Utah Public Service Commission (PSC).
July 2022
Action: Participating local governments pay Phase 2 cost.
September 2022
Decision: Does Utah PSC approve program application?
December 2022
Decision: Does participating local government pass required ordinance within 90 days?
Action: Issue Request for Proposals (RFP) for new renewable energy resource.
March 2023
Decision: Execute RFP for new renewable energy resources?
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